Raise Your Pen To Give Thanks

Thanksgiving is just days away and we’re all thinking about food, travel plans, and starting (or, if you’re lucky, finishing)  holiday shopping. It’s normal to get caught up in the chaos of the holiday season, but when you’re sitting around the table with your family and friends this year, take a few minutes to think about people who are far, far away from home.

I’m talking about the members of our armed forces. They sacrifice so much to do their job: time with family, the births of their children, weddings, funerals, and of course, holidays. Wars don’t stop for Thanksgiving.

So this year, if you are gathering with people to celebrate, please bring with you some nice cards or stationary and ask everyone to write a brief letter to a soldier overseas. The nonprofit organization Pack It Up (www.packitup.org) raises money and items throughout the year to send care packages to our men and women in uniform. The packages contain everything from snacks to movies to video games, and around the holidays they like to send over stockings with letters of thanks from people back home. If you click here you can see letters from soldiers who have received these packages for their units (note my husband’s letter– while he was deployed from 2007-2008, Pack It Up sent him and his fellow soldiers an unbelievable amount of great stuff to keep their spirits up).

This year they need at least 1,000 letters to send overseas. Your letter doesn’t have to be long and involved, just from the heart. Thank a soldier for giving up time with his or her family in order for you to safely spend time with yours. And to make this Thanksgiving even more special for your family, have everyone pen letters, too. I will be bringing stationary and cards to Thanksgiving dinner and asking everyone to take a minute to write a letter or two.

(Unrelated, but here’s an interesting blog about letter writing!)


And here is writer Donna Cumming’s recent blog also about writing to troops. Check out her blog and where she is sending her letters by clicking here .


Thank you in advance to anyone who takes the time to do this! You don’t know how much it will mean to the man or woman who gets your letter and is reminded that people here are still thinking about the troops. It will only take you a few minutes, but it will definitely brighten the day of a soldier who fights for us, our freedom, and our right to engorge ourselves on awesome food!

Once you’ve written your letter or letters, send them off to this mailing address: Pack It Up, 500 Randolph Ave, Milton, MA 02186.

Please enjoy this photo of me, my sister in law Lisa, our brother in law Tim’s girlfriend Tiffany, and our mother in law Mary as we point in shock at a race roster from this past October. We came in last for the third year in a row! Ha. Long story short– Pack It Up does an annual 5k in Rhode Island to raise money for their cause. Everything about this organization is a family affair, which is why we always get our family involved too. Write those letters, people!

We came in last, but we raised money for care packages for the troops!


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