The Next Phase

Within the next week, I will be completing final edits on my creative thesis, binding that sucker and shipping it off to my MFA program’s office. And then I’m officially done with the graduate school phase of my life (well, besides the seminar I have to teach in January and the graduation ceremony…). And this month is my fourth and final month of my social media internship with It’s been an informative and interesting experience and I’ve definitely learned quite a bit.


But I’m looking at January and wondering, what’s next? Well, now I have a better idea. What’s next is a whole lot of freelancing. I’m on board with two local sites (my current town and my former town) and I couldn’t be happier about that. My childhood friend is actually the editor for one of the pages, and we reconnected because she needed a reliable writer on board with her. I am said reliable writer! We met up last night and discussed article and column ideas, and now my creative juices are flowing.


I am possibly going to have a piece published in Cape Cod Magazine. I have to submit it on spec to probably the nicest editor I’ve ever talked to, and I’m in the process of doing that and finding out if it will happen. I hope so, because I love Cape Cod and that would be a great magazine to break into. It’s always filled with gorgeous pictures of homes and landmarks on the Cape, and the article are interesting and personal.


In addition to Patch, I want to make next year the year of being published. I’m interested in taking one (or a few, actually!) of Christina Katz’s classes to learn the ins and outs of writing and publishing today. Her students tend to be fairly successful, so I have that on my radar. In the meantime, I hope to write for That has become one of my favorite sites lately. Their tagline? “Women Who Think.” How could you not love that? Their site is full of interesting reads and thoughtful commentary, and I’m seriously hoping they will invite me to write for them in the future. Fingers crossed! But all in all, I want to focus on writing, publishing, and making money for it. I’m reading How to Start a Home-Based Writing Business by Lucy V. Parker to get myself started, and I’m picking brains left and right of people out there in the field doing it and being successful.


What’s fascinating about writing is that you never know what will come next. That’s also very scary, but with a new degree, a ton of new knowledge and experience, and the motivation to make great things happen, I think the unknown is actually going to be a lot of fun. An adventure, actually. It might be frustrating, confusing, slow-going. But I think it will also be worth the hard work and will pay off in the long run.


What about you? Do you have any tips for me? Or, are you starting a new chapter in your life/career and you’re trying to navigate your way through the unknown? Share it with me below.



2 thoughts on “The Next Phase”

  1. Hi Kristin. Wow! Sounds like you have a lot of exciting stuff going on in your life. I do have two tips for you. First, don’t spend more time studying characters that being one. Second, follow Kristen Lamb at @KristenLambTX on twitter and at She’s a kick-ass editor and writing teacher who has helped lots of bestselling authors, and she’s specialist at social media marketing for writers. She’s written a book called We Are Not Alone–A Writer’s Guide to Socail Media that lays out how writers need special marketing tactics online. She’s a hell of a nice person, to boot, and I can’t say enough about how she’s helping me get on the publishing and marketing map. Good luck with everything!


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