Write in Spain

My friend Kristina asked me to share a fabulous writing opportunity with fellow writers who may be interested. I know I’m definitely interested, but I’m not sure that financially I can do it this year. If I stumble across $2500, however, I would do it in a heartbeat.

What is it, you ask? A travel writing and memoir writing workshop in Segovia, Spain from July 3-12 with Brown University.

I won’t have a residency to go to this summer (insert tears here) since the whole MFA thing is complete, and this would be an amazing replacement. Maybe one of you will be able to swing a trip like this. Let me know if you do!

Here’s the info right off the Brown University Continuing Ed website:

Writer’s Workshop in Segovia Spain


July 3-12, 2011

The old walled city of Segovia has held a special place in the cultural life of Spain and in the hearts of its residents and visitors for many hundreds of years. A center of learning and the arts since medieval times, the small city of 55,000 lies in Castile and Leon, north of Madrid, with the Guadarrama Mountains as its backdrop. By high-speed train, the capital is only 35 minutes away, making Segovia an ideal base for exploring not only Madrid but the historic cities of Valladolid, Sevilla, Cordoba and Barcelona and other parts of central Spain.

History’s legacy has made Segovia a UNESCO World Heritage Site, thanks to a treasury of architectural styles and the mix of cultures and ethnicities that thrived here. Medieval lanes lace through the city’s ancient heart, and medieval walls still surround it. The Alcazar, a dreamlike castle on a commanding pinnacle, was where Queen Isabella promised to back Christopher Columbus in his search for a New World. Segovia Cathedral, called the “Lady of Cathedrals” for its beauty, dates to the 16th and 18th centuries. And the arches of the city’s great Roman aqueduct – the largest of its kind – have dominated the landscape here for nearly 2,000 years.

All this makes Segovia an excellent city to explore as well as a place to share new thoughts and find new meaning in past experiences. Brown’s intensive writing workshop for adult learners will take full advantage of the city this summer.

This non-fiction program will focus on two closely related narrative forms – first-person travel writing and personal memoir – in a demanding but emotionally safe atmosphere. Whether experienced writers or people coming to personal narrative for the first time, participants will be able to improve their work through daily assignments, group discussions and individualized coaching from an experienced, supportive instructor.

Dates and Fees

July 3, 2011: Arrive in Madrid at Madrid-Barajas Airport.
July 12, 2011: Depart from Madrid from Madrid-Barajas Airport.

Program Fee: $2,575.00

Program housing is not available before or after program dates.

Age requirement: Post-college. This is a non-credit program.



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