Undoing The Elephant Mindset Teaser

Maybe you want to learn how to sail. What stops you?

I’m working on the challenges for the new series coming out Friday: 10 Days to Undoing the Elephant Mindset. Exciting!

Here’s a little taste of what’s in store. Don’t forget to jump in on Friday, April 1st (that’s this Friday) to undo your inner elephant.



Challenge One teaser:

Most of us are the elephant in some way. You probably take calculated risks all the time, but there’s most likely a risk or two you haven’t let yourself try. Maybe you want to write a book, travel to a far-off country, hike the entire Appalachian trail, act in a play, learn an instrument, sail a boat across the Atlantic, do volunteer work in a third world country, quit your job and start your own business, buy a house, write a screenplay…

You can call it a dream if you want, but that just makes it feel even less real than it already is, since it lives in your elephant mindset. Don’t call your dream a dream anymore. Call it a goal.

There, see how that changes things immediately? It’s like focusing a lens to bring an object closer into view. A dream is far-off and vague. A goal is nearer and concrete. It’s within grasp.

There’s more where that came from, including a thought-provoking exercise that will have you face your goal head on. Don’t miss it! Friday. Be here or be… an elephant.


2 thoughts on “Undoing The Elephant Mindset Teaser”

  1. Super excited to get started. I definitely have an elephant mindset when it comes to my life as a freelancer. I let everything tie me back, and don’t even realize it sometimes. I get stressed out over how I have to write X articles to pay the week’s bills, then worry about how I’m going to get the house clean before someone makes an unexpected visit. When I get stressed enough, I totally shut down and don’t get work or house chores done. That doesn’t do me any good, but I do it anyways! I can’t wait to get started on Friday to undo the damage I have caused myself with the elephant mindset!

    P.S. I love that you included “hiking the entire Appalachian trail”. I live in northeastern KY and recently watched a National Geographic program about hiking the Appalachian trail…now I’m determined to get the money ahead and get into shape so I can do this!!!


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