Day 7: Set Up the Conditions for Step One

Undoing the Elephant Mindset is a 10 day challenge designed to help you identify the false boundaries you’ve created in your own life, recognize the deeper reasons you stop yourself from stepping outside those boundaries, and then break free from the ties that hold you back from living a life you are passionate about. What you’ll need: a notebook or blog or computer, a desire to reach for more in your life, and an open mind.

Day 7: Set Up the Conditions for Step One
If you created your outline/timeline and you know what the first step is, this challenge should be easy. You’re going to set up the conditions to make step one possible. This will mean something different for everyone. Perhaps you have to create a writing schedule to get yourself started with step one, which maybe is to write 1,000 words a day for a week. Or maybe you have to set up the financial conditions to take the first step (take out a loan, draw up a savings plan, create a budget for yourself).
Whatever step one is, think about what you’ll need to do to begin. If you need to ask your spouse for help around the house while you set aside an hour or two a night to create the inventory for your store, awesome. Ask. Set up the conditions to make step one possible.
Now, with this challenge, you’re not actually taking step one yet. You certainly can if you want to, but today is a day to get organized with your goal and to clearly identify what you have to do first.
Today’s challenge: Write for 15 minutes about the conditions that would need to be in place in order for your step one to be a success. Write honestly about all the things that would need to be lined up for this to work really well for you. Then set those conditions up, however big or small they end up being. Just make sure by the time you’re done writing, you actually move forward with setting up those conditions. It will make taking the first step much, much easier if you know you’re all set in the preparation department.
If you feel up to sharing, please leave a comment below. You can either write your entire day 1 challenge in the comments, or just give us an overview of your goal and some of the main points you wrote about. See you tomorrow for more Undoing the Elephant Mindset!



One thought on “Day 7: Set Up the Conditions for Step One”

  1. I am behind again, but that’s ok. It’s been a hectic week for me (including a near-death experience on my husband’s part–he’s an electrician, and had a panel box blow up in his face!!!).

    My outline’s title is: Get Out of Debt (followed by a monthly income I want to make)
    My timeline to achieve this amount is 1 year. (part of the income will be from revenue share)
    My steps are a rough outline of a daily schedule to achieve that goal.
    The first step:
    Write at least 5 fixed fee articles per day.
    Now, 5 articles shouldn’t be a problem. Really, it should look exceptionally small. Because I know I can easily write 11 in a day (though I probably wouldn’t spend much time away from the computer). But in the past few months, writing 5 in a day seems impossible. I’ve really been trying the past 3 weeks to do 5 per day, but keep falling short, making that goal only once or twice a week.
    In order to better accomplish that goal I need to:
    -get a normal sleeping pattern and stop forcing myself to stay up late to finish articles when I get behind.
    -start writing in the morning and finish all 5 articles before Jesse (my husband) gets home from work.
    -write 2.5 articles before lunch (between appx 8am and 11:30
    -write 2.5 more articles after lunch (between appx 12 and 2:30pm
    -less distractions (no t.v., no cleaning, no facebook, no unnecessary instant messaging, no distracting phone calls–even if that means cutting someone short to tell them I will call them back)
    -get everything that has to be done before 3pm, done before 8am clock-in
    -maybe I should start clocking in and out on a word document to keep track of how much time I am actually spending writing? The articles I am writing now are only taking an hour or two each because I am stopping in the middle to do 100 other things.
    -stop being lenient on myself, I can only hit snooze and sleep an extra hour or two when I have not slept that night or feel, honestly ill. (I’m horrible at being my own boss, so I let myself sleep in a little too often.)
    -try to finish each article in 40 minutes (not including research time) This may take a few weeks to build back up to.
    -Do research at night, preparing 5 articles before the following morning.
    -Start research a day early for articles that require extra references
    -Be more strict on myself.
    -Get up on time. Treat freelancing like I am working for “the man” and have to show up on time. (At least until I have a good revenue share income.)

    All the while: remind myself of how lucky I am to be working for myself.


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