Day 8: Take the First Step Towards Your Goal!

Undoing the Elephant Mindset is a 10 day challenge designed to help you identify the false boundaries you’ve created in your own life, recognize the deeper reasons you stop yourself from stepping outside those boundaries, and then break free from the ties that hold you back from living a life you are passionate about. What you’ll need: a notebook or blog or computer, a desire to reach for more in your life, and an open mind.

Day 8: Take the First Step Towards Your Goal!

Are you excited? You should be. You have a goal, you’ve busted the boundaries you normally place around the goal, you’ve realistically set up an outline to show the steps you will take towards you goal, and you have put those necessary conditions into place to make step one possible.

So today all you have to do is this: Take the first step or schedule it.

Easy. And exciting! If your first step is something you realistically can do today, you’re going to do it. If it means signing up for that drawing class, get thee to a telephone and sign up. If it means you have to draw up fliers for your dog walking business, get thee to a computer. If it’s doable today, you’re doing it. No more putting it off. Taking the first step will feel amazing and I promise once you actually do it, you’ll be energized enough to take the next step with much less resistance.

But if step one isn’t possible today for whatever reason, you’re going to schedule it today. You probably have an idea of when, realistically, you can take that first step. Pull out your calendar, planner, cell phone, or marker board and schedule it. Write it in there, circle it, then download an application for your phone or computer that generates countdowns. You have to be regularly reminded of the approaching Step One Date in order to make it really happen. Don’t give yourself an out, here, either. Schedule it if you truly have to, otherwise, do it as soon as possible. It’s only the first step, after all.

If you feel up to sharing, please leave a comment below. You can either write your entire day 1 challenge in the comments, or just give us an overview of your goal and some of the main points you wrote about. See you tomorrow for more Undoing the Elephant Mindset!


One thought on “Day 8: Take the First Step Towards Your Goal!”

  1. Starting date: Monday. I would love love love to start now, but I’ve got lots already scheduled for this weekend. Maybe I’ll do it anyways, between the 111 other things I have going on. But I’m not scheduling the weekend and starting out with failure.


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