Day 9: Keeping the Momentum Going

Undoing the Elephant Mindset is a 10 day challenge designed to help you identify the false boundaries you’ve created in your own life, recognize the deeper reasons you stop yourself from stepping outside those boundaries, and then break free from the ties that hold you back from living a life you are passionate about. What you’ll need: a notebook or blog or computer, a desire to reach for more in your life, and an open mind.


Day 9: Keeping the Momentum Going

It happens to the best of us. We have a great idea, we jump right in, and then slowly our motivation and excitement wane. Maybe you abandon the project or idea you started. Maybe you finish, but halfheartedly and with lots of self-doubt. That’s reality. Yesterday you took step one (or scheduled it), and while you’re probably still feeling motivated to work on your goal today, you should prepare for a potential slump.

Here’s the thing: someday you’re going to die. There, I said it. We don’t like talking about it, but it’s true. You do not have an endless store of days and hours. You’ve got what you’ve got, and you have no idea how long that is.

Why am I saying this? Because  sometimes the best way to move past a slump is to remind yourself that you have to act now if you want to ensure that your goal is fulfilled. Otherwise, you might miss the boat entirely. Does that freak you out? If you really feel passionately about your goal, the thought of not completely your goal in your lifetime should totally frighten you. That should help get you going again.

Aside from that slightly morbid kick in the pants, here are some other ways you can keep yourself charged up when the motivation wanes:

  • Ask for help. Tell people close to you that you’re feeling like you’re losing momentum. Ask if they can help you with some aspect of the goal process to reignite your passion.
  • Talk about your goal again. Journal about it, blog about it, write your best friend an email about it or take someone out to lunch to talk about it. Chatting about your goal and hearing someone else give you feedback and encouragement might be all you need to keep moving forward.
  • Help someone else. This process is all about you, and that’s totally fine. But if you start to lose steam, maybe you need to turn outward with your goal. If you’re brushing up on your French so you can take that whirlwind trip to Paris, look into tutoring a high school student who is struggling with the language. If you’re writing a novel, join some critique groups to offer your feedback to others, or seek out literacy programs that need mentors. Get creative, just try to incorporate your goal into the mix so you feel a renewed desire to work on it.
  • Allow yourself to take a break. But don’t take an indefinite one. Give yourself a designated week off from your goal and see if that helps. It might make you start to miss what you were doing before.
  • Refocus. If you’ve tried to get the momentum going and it’s not working, refocus your goal. Maybe you need to tweak the process or your plans. Maybe you started out by taking a pottery class but you realized you really like glassblowing. Switch it up. Trust your gut and make the necessary alternations to keep yourself moving towards the goal.


If you feel up to sharing, please leave a comment below. You can either write your entire day 1 challenge in the comments, or just give us an overview of your goal and some of the main points you wrote about. See you tomorrow for more Undoing the Elephant Mindset!


One thought on “Day 9: Keeping the Momentum Going”

  1. As always, I am behind on the challenge. It’s been a busy week so far. I have been following my outline and started doing my blog posts (even started a co-writing blog with my writing buddy to helps us stay focused) and one revenue share article first thing in the morning, because I have been wanting to work on my rev share income for a while and keep falling back on fixed fee assignments to get the bills paid. Yesterday I stopped working at 2 a.m.; 3 articles short of a full day. Now, it’s 1:30 in the afternoon and I’ve got even had a chance to write my very first piece of the day. But that’s okay…it’s been a hectic but great morning…and I have a feeling I’ll get caught up today.
    Thought I’d share this little motto I am trying to live by when I have days that I don’t feel like doing anything or working on my goals.
    “You only have one life, there’s not time for bull s***!” LOL


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