Day 10: Trusting Yourself to be Good Enough

Undoing the Elephant Mindset is a 10 day challenge designed to help you identify the false boundaries you’ve created in your own life, recognize the deeper reasons you stop yourself from stepping outside those boundaries, and then break free from the ties that hold you back from living a life you are passionate about. What you’ll need: a notebook or blog or computer, a desire to reach for more in your life, and an open mind.

Day 10: Trusting Yourself to be Good Enough

Well, here we are at the end of the challenge. If you missed a day and fell off the wagon, hop back on at your own pace. Or if you haven’t started, feel free to go back to Day 1 and start from there on your own. It’s all good 🙂

Today’s challenge is about trusting yourself to be good enough to reach your goal. If you’re the superhero, self doubt is the villain trying to take you down. As Sylvia Plath once said: The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.

How do you learn to trust yourself?

I’m not sure I can answer that since it’s probably a very personal thing for you. We each trust/distrust ourselves and our abilities in unique, varied ways.

Have you ever heard of fake it til you make it? I think that applies here.

As you move forward, you might have to fake it through the heavy self doubt. Right after I graduated with my MFA in January, I was constantly doubting my ability to write and questioned why I had even gotten into writing at all. But, I kept faking it. I acted like I thought I was a great writer even when I thought the total opposite. Eventually I proved that I could trust myself as a good writer and the self doubt subsided.

The final challenge is this: write for as long as you can about self doubt. Figure out where it comes from in you. It will probably remind you a lot of previous challenges, especially the first few. Write about how you can overcome self doubt (ignoring it, talking about it, embracing it and proving it wrong, etc). If you come up with tactics now, you’ll be all set when those inner voices start telling you you’re not good enough. You know they’re not right, so shut them up.

Good luck to you on the rest of this journey, and keep me posted, won’t you?

If you feel up to sharing, please leave a comment below. You can either write your entire day 1 challenge in the comments, or just give us an overview of your goal and some of the main points you wrote about. See you tomorrow for more Undoing the Elephant Mindset!


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