Link Roundup: Good Stuff From This Week

I don’t know where you live, but here in the northeast, this week was hot, sunny and humid. My kind of weather! In addition to the great things Mother Nature is finally doing around here, I came across some great posts that I just had to share with my fellow writers. Here’s this week’s roundup:

Great advice for writers who are sending out manuscripts. Here are some tips to give your work a fighting chance and keep the publisher’s assistant reading past page 20:

In this post, Becky Tuch explores why writers write. It’s hard, we don’t have time for it, yet we show up and do the work (even if it’s never seen by any other eyes than our own). Why? Because we have to:

I’m in the process of working through AWAI’s copywriting course and for writers across a bunch of fields, their archive is totally invaluable. Full of great articles about so many different writing topics. If you’ve wondered how to get and keep clients, check out this post:

I love Lisa Kilian’s blog (mostly because her posts are honest and really smart, but a little bit because her last name leads me to believe she might be a fellow Armenian gal. Has nothing to do with writing, but ya know.) This post is hella smart and it talks about something I always struggle with in my fiction (at least in the first or second draft):

This. Is. Such. A. Good. List. Why? I start a lot of projects with a lot of enthusiasm, then when the drive fades (as it always does for most people), I turn to something new. I’m like an enthusiasm junkie who needs her fix and leaves dead bodies er, projects all over the place. Or something. Anyway, check this post out if you’re guilty of not finishing stuff you start:

Just the title of this post alone got me : Information Overload: When is it time to start DOING and stop THINKING? Great question, and one that definitely hits home with me. I’m a planner, a plotter, a make-sure-it’s-the-right-time-er and I put off action in favor of learning and researching. Quiet often. It’s a terrible habit and if you too feel like you’re taking too much in and not putting enough out, read this:

I like posts that tell you how not to do something. It just feels more informative than how-to posts (who’s with me on that?) When you tell me how to not  do something, I’ll figure out a way to do the opposite so what I’m writing really works. Being told what doesn’t work leaves you much more freedom to figure out for yourself what does work. This post lists great ways to not plot a story:

What are some great links you’ve come across this week?


3 thoughts on “Link Roundup: Good Stuff From This Week”

  1. Hey thanks!

    Unfortunately, I’m not Armenian — more German. And German as in my great, great, great grandparents immigrated from Germany in the 1850s.

    Thank you for all the nice thoughts! And it seems to me that our taste is very similar, both in our blogs themes and our reading lists! Love everything you’ve got here. 🙂


    1. Ah, the “ian” threw me off! Thanks for the comment. I noticed we had the same blog theme. We must have good taste! I love your blog and really look forward to your posts. I was going to pitch a guest post idea when I saw you were looking for some for the summer. Are you still looking? 🙂


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