Link Roundup: Good Stuff From This Week

There was no shortage of good reads this week on the web. Hopefully some of these links will be useful for you; if not, just scroll to the bottom and watch the DailyGrace video. A good laugh is where it’s at. Now, to the links:

  • This link from the Guide to Literary Agents blog by Chuck Sambuchino features a guest post by Margi Preus, playwright and children’s book author. This list isn’t groundbreaking or anything, but I love being reminded of timeless writing tips.  She says, “Everything I know about writing I learned from other writers. Mostly from reading their stories and novels, but also from what they have had to say about writing. Below are nine choice tidbits.”  Link
  • If you’re a writer (or anyone who works from home) and you sometimes have trouble maximizing your work time, check out this Dollars and Deadlines list. I’m always looking for better ways to manage my time. Here ya go.
  • For all writers this is a great list, but for anyone who writes for a business (your own or someone else’s), you must read these tips for succeeding with business writing. They may seem like obvious tactics, but it’s always worth reviewing them. Do you love it?
  • It’s true: there’s no such thing as a social media “Expert” and social media shouldn’t be used for a business just because it’s cool or because it’s the thing to do– it should have a purpose, like generating revenue and reaching customers. Link!
  • People have an 11 second attention span when reading online. You need to grab them and keep them within the first 5 seconds. Here’s how.
  • Steph Auteri lists some great ways to avoid homelessness and starvation when you’re freelancing. It’s a useful post mainly because it offers a lot of options, some that you’ve probably never heard of or thought about before.
  • If you don’t read Aura Joon’s blog, you really should. When I see that she has a new post up, I get all sorts of excited (and I don’t feel that way about every blog I read). I find a lot of inspiration in her posts for multiple reasons: she’s a beautiful writer and her photographs are breathtaking. If you ever need a jolt of creativity, just browse her posts. She strings words and photos together in such a skillful, gorgeous way that you’ll probably have some creative ideas of your own brewing by the time you’re done reading.
  • Who doesn’t love Copyblogger? I’m a big fan, especially now that I’m focusing my business on copywriting. I love learning little tricks of the trade, and this post doesn’t disappoint. Here are 6 ways to get people to say YES.
And, as promised, Miss DailyGrace. I watch her every morning because I need a good laugh before I start my day. In Thursday’s vlog, Grace has a stomach virus and discusses how John Mayer is wrong, so so wrong. The body is NOT a wonderland… especially when you’re making a mad dash to the toilet every five minutes. Enjoy! 

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