Good stuff from this week: Linky Link Roundup

I don’t have a lot of links this week, but the links I did roundup are great. Click through, get your read on, and share what your favorite links from around the web were this week!

  • I loved The Help. I can’t wait for the movie, but I also hope they don’t destroy the book. Anyway, The Help is about a young woman who writes about some pretty touchy and truthful stuff in Jackson, Mississippi in the 1950s. The Urban Muse digs into the timeless lessons we writers can take away from Skeeter’s story here.
  • If you’re a writer, there’s a good chance something on Lisa Kilian’s blog will speak to you. If you’ve ever struggled with a subject in your writing, or worried it was too honest or real or close to home– read this post. Every writer can relate to the feeling of panic when you realize you might actually write something that someone you know will see. And that it might be too real for them to handle.
  • Earlier this week on About Freelance Writing, Anne made a fantastic point about competition. I’ve seen some threads on LinkedIn (and you may have, too) where experienced freelancers gripe about newer writers running the veterans out of work because they’ll write for $3 a post. The argument is really silly. Anne thinks so too and wrote a really good post about how no one can cut you down but you. If you’re bothered that other writers are taking lower paying gigs, you might have an issue with yourself that needs some work. But no one else dictates what your freelance rates are. And there are more than enough writing gigs to go around right now thanks to the internet. So no more picking on the people who will work for $1/post!
  • A lot of fiction writers battle with the issue of space/size in their writing. Should this story be a novel or a novella or a short story? And beyond that, making the transition from writing shorter pieces to writing a novel can be tough. The Writing Under Pressure blog talks about this very issue in this post.
  • I love freelance writer Carol Tice, mostly because she’s so willing to share information with other writers. And she’s successful at freelance writing. So she’s a great go-to source for anyone starting out with loads of questions about how freelancing works. Her site,, is packed with great posts and honest answers. This post discusses how to fit freelancing into your already busy life. 

What were your favorite writing posts online this week?



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