Are You A Loner, Too?

I just read this post on about the solitude in working from home and it cracked me up.

I can relate, especially to the eating-salsa-from-the-jar part!

Except yesterday I put salsa in a bowl and ate it like a civilized person. I’m not a total barbarian, you know.

But really, I can relate to that post. There’s a lot of solitude when you work alone from home.Β I make my own schedule and answer to no one, which is awesome. But there’s also no one around but my dog during the day. Sometimes I’ll call my husband at work and ask if he knows if there’s an extra bottle of olive oil somewhere.

Of course he has no idea where we would keep extra olive oil, but that’s a great segue into “Soooo, whatcha doinnnn?”

Occasionally I miss coworkers.Β I’ve had jobs where I worked with people, but really, I enjoyed only one of those three previous jobs (tutoring beats out being a receptionist at a doctor’s office and being a bridesmaid dress consultant). The perk of all three was that there were coworkers. Sometimes, in the middle of a busy day, you just want to shift gears and talk to someone about last night’s episode of LOST.

But now LOST is over and I’m a loner.

It’s not bad, though. I like working alone, but I also like that my job gives me a lot of opportunities to interact with other people. I write for some web designers and every so often make a trip up to their office for a meeting. I get to call and interview people, shoot emails back and forth with editors. There are other people involved in my day-to-day existence; I just get to sit in total quiet when I need to think.

For some people, this much solitude would be maddening. I find it really conducive to productivity though. And, I’ll be honest, it’s a recipe for procrastination sometimes, too. But when you choose the freelance path, you make the decision kick your own butt when you have so since theres’ no one in the next cubical to do it for you.

What has been your experience with the solitude of a freelance life? Do you love it? Hate it? Crave it now if you’re working in an office?


6 thoughts on “Are You A Loner, Too?”

  1. I found your blog through the link from and you’re both absolutely right! I was so determined to make my self-employment work one day that i put together a timetable…a timetable! I wouldn’t even do that if i worked in an office. However you can never really factor in the time it takes to daydream…thankfully i have no pet/boyfriend/exercise regime to get distracted by…oh God, i say that likes it’s a good thing!!


    1. Thanks for the comment! I totally hear you about the timetable thing. I’ve tried things like that and they never work! I need a good ole fashioned list that I can work through at whatever pace works that day. I laughed when you said thank god for no pet/bf/exercise regime— I have a dog, a husband, and I try to get out and walk then exercise at home before starting my day. Those three things are such time suckers! haha πŸ™‚


  2. I LOVE working alone. And having this little cubicle at the back of the room makes it feel like I’m a loner most of the time. I dig it. I just come out for the occasional meeting or group lunch. πŸ™‚


  3. I like interacting with students and my coworkers at my day job, but of course I dream of writing full time and the loner lifestyle! There’s this cafe next to my work with fresh flowers in little glass jars, and it’s got a wonderful European vibe. I dream of bring my laptop there and just writing all day (if I didn’t have to be in an office). Of course, if I did have the whole day to myself, I don’t know how productive I’d be. I would probably eat salsa from the jar and wander from room to room talking to my cat, rather than getting my writing done! πŸ™‚


    1. That sounds so niiice! Someday you’ll be a full time loner writer! hehe
      We have a cafe up the street from us that’s like that. It’s completely modeled like an Italian cafe (it even has a fireplace!!!!!). My best friend works there on weekends, but the place is always packed, so I never go there to write. But there are two other great indie cafes near us that are good for writing. I always *say* I’m going to go write in a cafe (or even the library) but then I never do. Honestly, I worry that I’ll get distracted or I’ll have to pee and I won’t leave me laptop unattended while I use the restroom haha. Plus there’s no salsa at these coffee shops! πŸ™‚


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