Writing Momentum = Super Important Element Of Productivity

Momentum. Velocity. Forward movement. Progress.

photo credit: wikimedia commons.

When you’re riding the wave with a writing project (or, really, anything in life that takes some doing), it seems crucial to stay on the goddamn wave.

Because once you hop off, it is so stinking hard to get back on.

That’s what I’m dealing with right now. I had some great productivity in both my freelance business and my creative writing earlier in the summer. But August seemed to slow me down and mess up my rhythm big time, so now I’m feeling overwhelmed and underwhelmed and frustrated all at once. Don’t even ask how that’s possible because I frankly don’t know.

First we took a week off to go on vacation for our anniversary– totally worth it.

Then I had a week of trying to get my footing again, but there were no copywriting projects for me to do and it seemed like every little chore and errand that came to mind was more important than sitting down to write. Laundry and walking the dog and buying groceries prevailed over any kind of creative work.

And then hurricane Irene happened (bitch). She left us without power for most of this week, and I have had an impossibly hard time getting back on the wave of work. Part of it is that my routine was thrown off for 4 days and I couldn’t do some of the smaller freelance blogging work that I do day-to-day. Part of it was that I still had no pressing copy projects to tackle. Part of it was that I didn’t know where to start.

God, I hate starting. That is precisely why I try to hold onto my writing momentum when I have it. Once I stop, it’s a feat of epic proportions to get it going again. That’s the story of my life right now.

I’m antsy. I feel like I have many things to tackle, but I don’t know where to begin. I frustrate myself. I want to be so busy with freelance work that I’m working all the time. And since I’m not, I kind of see it as a failure on my part. I’m not where I want to be yet with this career, and thinking things like that put me in a state of paralysis which makes starting any creative project seem frivolous and makes the thought of marketing my services seem completely impossible.

But I’ll get back on the wave. I’ll figure it out and get the proverbial ball rolling again. I’ll jump back in and doggy paddle until the momentum builds up.

The best part is that I can’t even swim that well in real life!

Do you ever feel like you’ve lost your writing momentum and it’s so hard to get it back? Tell me you have. Please. I need to feel like I’m not alone in this.


3 thoughts on “Writing Momentum = Super Important Element Of Productivity”

  1. as we have previously established two things: one, we may be twin souls separated at birth, and two, we need to live closer so that we can have weekly pow-wows and face-time motivation. i am COMPLETELY in the same boat. july seemed to be hopping. i had four paid pieces to write, almost overwhelming really, and now….um, well, i am just sitting by the phone waiting for an email or call to come in with more requests. but it is silent. and i know i need to “go get em” and round up some more work, but gosh, it gets to be daunting. my writing brain is like my running body. if i languish too long it gets very hard to get back into that head space. and poetry, man, oh man, that is a another ball game altogether…… all this to say: me and my salsa are right there with you. xoxo


  2. You are not alone in this – and I’m pretty sure that even the best of us have experienced this. 😉

    I agree that the hardest part of any activity is writing. More so with writing where we are usually pressured to churn out “meaningful” content.


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