Last Minute Gift Ideas for Writers

The holidays are upon us, but what is a gift-giver to do when they have a writer to shop for last minute? Go to Etsy, of course! Here are 5 writer-friendly gifts than any word nerd would love to find under the tree.

  1. Notepad printed pillow . Perfect for a bed, a reading chair, or under a writer’s butt when they’re spending hours writing.
  2. A cool journal. I’ve never met a writer who didn’t have a fetish for journals, both cheap composition books and expensive, leather-bound beauties. There’s something about blank pages that calls to us.
  3. A funky art print. Wouldn’t this print be great above a writer’s desk? It’s whimsical and illustrates the cool things that can happen when the words start flowing.
  4. A grammar mug. I kind of die for how awesome this mug is! I always forget the difference between lay and lie– but if I had this mug, I would never have to Google it again– and neither would the writer on your shopping list.
  5. Writer’s block night mask. I don’t believe in writer’s block, but I think this mask is pretty darn adorable and would make any writer who has ever been stuck chuckle a little bit. Plus, wearing it would be so deliciously dramatic, don’t you think?

Happy holidays, and happy writing/shopping/resting/baking– whatever you’re up to this week!

What would you buy the writers on your list?


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