Creation Requires Space To Think

My blog is getting a makeover, both visually and content-ly.

I’ve been writing posts about the writing life for a little over a year, and recently it started to feel like a change was in order.

How you write, how you create, how you function as an artist is your own gig. You’ll see less how-to’s and more musings on the whole mystery surrounding the act of putting words together.

Here’s where the change came from: I’ve been thinking quite a bit about white space lately, in both my home and my head. Clutter frustrates me. It fogs my brain, makes me anxious, and stops up my mental pipes. Noise overwhelms me in the same way. It’s like there’s no room to think when there’s too much to take in and process.

So, we’re redoing our office so it’s more streamlined, clutter-free, and minimal. I’m redoing my blog so it’s the same. I can think more clearly when I’ve got more white space. When writing resumes, it’s all about using white space effectively. I think the same is true in life and art and anything we create.

I met one of my dearest friends for coffee today and we talked for a while about how we both sometimes have this urge to go somewhere secluded, just to have a chance to think without the endless bustle of life, television, the internet, other people. How dreamy.

Maybe it’s frightening to be alone with your thoughts and that’s why so many people numb out with constant distractions. But I’m ready to quiet things down in 2012. I want to think about writing and what it means to be a writer. I’m ready to hit my yoga mat more than a few times a week, write morning pages every day, and clear enough space inside and out to make room for thinking, creating, and writing.

I don’t believe in writer’s block as a real thing. Instead, I think it’s a sign that there’s not enough space for the writing process to happen. This belief, along with a seminar I taught in grad school to a group of talented writers, will be molded into an e-course that will launch on my birthday, March 10, 2012. It’ll be a toolkit for clearing space to think and unblocking your creativity when it stalls out or stops running completely. There’s a way to use your block to free yourself from being blocked. This is true for your entire life, your entire being, and every creative aspiration you have.

Do yourself a favor today– whatever it is that you do, whether it’s writing, painting, engineering, photography– and clear out some space so you can breathe and create with more ease. Maybe that means tidying up a corner of the basement and plopping a desk there. Or maybe it means taking stock of how you treat yourself.

Make some space so you can think, then get to work making your art.



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