Where Writers Write: Meredith Jaeger

Today I’m kicking off an exciting new series here on the White Space where we’ll get a glimpse into the places and spaces where writers create their art. If you’re interested in sharing your space with us, shoot me an email at kristinoffilerwrites@gmail.com. Ok, enough out of me– here’s Meredith!

Hello everyone! Firstly, I would like to thank Kristin for having me on her blog today. Sometimes when I meet a person on Twitter, I feel like they could be my writing soul mate and a friend in real life. Kristin is definitely one of those people.

My name is Meredith, and I’m an aspiring author from Oakland,California. I have a day job in San Francisco at an English language school, working with international students. Becoming a published novelist is my dream, and I won’t stop chasing it. My first novel received positive feedback from literary agents, but alas no offer of representation. I’m currently three quarters into my second novel, which I’ll pitch at the San Francisco Writer’s Conference in February.

When Kristin told me she wanted to do a series on writer’s spaces, I thought it was a wonderful idea. Every writer is different in what inspires them, and where they draw their ideas from. I’m happy to kick off the series with a peek into my apartment, the place where I create. So without further ado, here are my responses to Kristin’s questions:

What is your writing space like?

I write at a desk in the room adjacent to my kitchen, facing the window. It gets good natural light, and I can see the neighbor’s backyard and the tips of the trees. My writing space is usually cluttered with coffee cups, notebooks and bottles of nail polish, tempting me to procrastinate. My indoor cat, Sylvester, sees the open window wafting the smell of freedom towards him, and pounces on my desk every five minutes. He likes to stare down the neighbor cats outside.

Do you keep a writing routine? If so, what is your routine?

Yes, I do try to keep a writing routine. Every day when I get home from work, I make a cup of chai and sit down at the computer to crank out as many pages as I can. Sometimes I only manage to write a few paragraphs, but it’s better than nothing. On weekends I spoil myself by going to Starbucks for a caramel macchiato and a veggie breakfast sandwich. Then I get down to business, writing until it’s time to do my mandatory apartment cleaning.

What’s something unique and interesting about your writing space?

 The sounds of Oakland! My city is misunderstood, known on the news as the center of the Occupy movement, and rife with gang violence. But it’s also beautiful, artistic and recently named by the New York Times, the #5 destination to visit in 2012. Outside my window, I hear the sounds of children’s laughter and the thumping bass of low rider cars. Sometimes only wind rustling the leaves or the distant hum of an airplane keeps me company. I love writing in solitude. No one can look over my shoulder. I read my novel aloud with no one listening. If my fiancé is home, I shut the door to his man cave, muting the noise from the television so I can write in peace.

If you could have any writing space in the world, what would it look like and why?

 Great question! If I could have any writing space in the world, it would be a room overlooking the ocean, drenched in sunlight. I’d love to see nothing but a wide expanse of blue water, and to hear the rushing waves. I’d have a wooden desk with a vase of fresh flowers (which somehow the cat wouldn’t knock over). My dream writing space would be at home inCalifornia, or along the Amalfi Coast. The beauty of the natural world inspires me and I like to be alone when I write.

Thank you again Kristin for showcasing my writing space. I look forward to seeing the places where other writer’s thoughts come to fruition.

Meredith Jaeger lives in OaklandCaliforniawith her fiancé and their cat, Sylvester. She blogs about her writing experience at www.thetroublewithtwentytwo.wordpress.com and tweets at @meredith_jaeger.

 Thank you so much for sharing your writing space with us, Meredith!

What do you guys think? Share your thoughts and your dream writing space in the comments!


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