Anyone Else Ever Been Hacked On Twitter?

So this afternoon I got an email that I had changed the email address associated with my Twitter account.

It was great to get the email, except I hadn’t changed my information. And I couldn’t log in after that. Because this super talented hacker had no job/no life/nothing better to do with their day.

I’ve reported the spammer on a few different Twitter accounts and I alerted Twitter that I couldn’t access my account, so it should be sorted out soon. And in the meantime, I’ve changed every one of my passwords, so at the very least, this waste of life has  sparked a beef-up in personal security. And my own personal hacker is in the process of trying to undo this mess.

It’s great knowing people who know techie stuff.

So this is a quick suggestion: take 20 minutes and change all your passwords, preferable not to the same thing. Keep track of them with one of the many password keeper apps, or just write them down. Just make sure your accounts are safe, dudes.

And if you follow me on Twitter, pay no attention to anything that pops up that doesn’t look like it came from me.

Have any of you ever had your Twitter account hacked? What did you do to fix it?


Author: kristinoffiler

Writer who loves dogs, summertime, real books, and clean sheets.

5 thoughts on “Anyone Else Ever Been Hacked On Twitter?”

  1. Hi! I am that “Very Talented Hacker” that has “hacked” your Twitter account.
    I am not so to be called a “hacker”, I would call myself a “security specialist” that has found your account information on a website that you have signed up for of which is not secure.
    I will send you an email from my address.
    You can tell me what to change the password to, and then you can access it and change it again.
    I’m sorry for the inconvenience.
    Offical Hixorez
    P.S. I hope this has taught you to sign up for websites that you can trust to be completely secure.


    1. Hey guy, Im sure you are trying to help, but how about just posting the information you changed it too right here so she can change it back to her own. I doubt after having her accounts hacked shes going to want to send you an email or receive an email from you that may or may not have additional spyware added in.

      There are better ways to get your information out there than hacking random peoples accounts and screwing up their business and ruining their day. And if you consider yourself a “security specialist” how about stating that on your account instead of copying Anon’s quote and clamiing yourself as a hacker with no morals.

      Dont be a dick. Just give her information back to her and move on.


    2. I understand what you were attempting to do, but I hope you know that the way you are going about teaching people about password security is completely wrong. If you had any sense, you would take what you know about security and turn it into a legitimate business where you help companies with breaches of security. You would be doing something positive with your skills instead of messing with people and causing them unnecessary stress.

      While you were messing with my account, did you delete all of my Tweets?

      And what website did you get my information from to begin with? I’d like to know where I went wrong and what an unsecure website looks like.

      Also, if you truly are an internet “security specialist” and not just a stupid hacker, you might as well provide your information. What is your name and where do you live?


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