Where Writers Write: Alyssa Martino

Welcome to this week’s edition of Where Writers Write, an exciting series here on the White Space where we’ll get a glimpse into the places and spaces where writers create their art. Alyssa is a writer I met online, one of the best ways to connect with like-minded, talented writers! If you’re interested in sharing your space with us, shoot me an email at kristinoffilerwrites@gmail.com.
Cozy writing area. Alas, you have also now seen where I sleep. Too personal?
Hi, everyone! Thanks to Kristin for this great blog idea and for inviting me to contribute. I’m glad to be here. Relieved, actually. Especially because I am but one more application away from completing my 13th (yes, 13th!) application to MFA in Creative Writing-Nonfiction programs. Kristin was a huge help to me through the process–informing me about her  experience receiving an MFA in fiction and providing hugely helpful substantive feedback on my writing sample. So, readers, cross your fingers for me! It’s all up to the writing gods now.
I’ve always loved writing. Now, as a Copywriter/Editor for a medical association, I’m able to fuel this desire daily. However, I didn’t always want to write about a topic as specific as radiology (Yup, X-rays, CT scans, and all that fun stuff – though I’ve written about some pretty interesting subjects!). That’s why I began freelancing in the evenings and on weekends–an endeavor that indefinitely requires a totally rockin’ space! Freelancing has allowed me to follow my passions, like about social justice, career trends, and profiling cool people in local newspapers. Here’s where and how I continue writing even AFTER my 9-to-5 editorial job.
What is your writing space like?

I used to sit on the floor of my college dorm room with my back against the door, as if I was shielding my lap top from intruders. Needless to say, I’m a big fan of writing in weird places. But now, I write on my bed. What can I say? It’s comfortable. Warm. Soft. And I feel trapped by chairs and desks. Plus there’s room to spread out my papers and notes around me.
Do you keep a writing routine? If so, what is your routine?
I don’t have a routine. I just write when the lightening strikes! But usually it’s late at night, and since I still work a full-time job, that’s best done on weekends most often.

What’s something unique and interesting about your writing space?

I recently had to move my bed around. It used to be framed under the window but my apartment was getting very cold when winter began, so I quickly did some rearranging. Related to writing, I’m pretty sure I frequently get red pen marks on the corners of my very nice and pricey duvet cover. Oops!
If you could have any writing space in the world, what would it look like and why?
I think it would be ever evolving. It would be outside when I needed inspiration, inside when I needed a cozy sweatshirt and slippers, hot when I was cold, cool when I was warm. It wouldn’t be static. Some days, it might be on a balcony with a view. Or other days, I would be right IN that view, on a beach or in the wild or near some beautiful, colorful city. Can they invent a place that includes all of that?
Alyssa Martino is a writer and editor just outside Washington, D.C. She loves digging for stories that connect people, place and possibility. Visit her site, www.alyssacmartino.com.
Thanks to Alyssa for sharing her space with us! Tell us what you think in the comments– do you write in bed? What does your dream writing space look like?

4 thoughts on “Where Writers Write: Alyssa Martino”

  1. Yay, a fellow bed writer! I love my little cosy nook for writing after hours. My mum even bought me a laptop ‘lap’ shelf, to keep my PC from getting too hot on top of the covers (go mum). I’ve noticed my neck has been getting a little stiff from looking down though, so I fear a move back to my desk is inevitable. 😦 Thanks for sharing your writing space Alyssa.


    1. I used to write in bed throughout college! I had a desk, but I preferred being comfortable. Now I go back and forth from my desk and the couch. I definitely spend more time writing from the couch in the winter, I must say!

      Thanks for the comment, Kat. Would you be interested in sharing your writing space with us?


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