100th Post Joy: Cool Stuff For Writers

This my 100th post! I find this concept thrilling, mostly because 100 is such a beautifully even, robust number.

To celebrate hitting 100 (which almost happened without me really realizing it, honestly), I decided to share some links, posts from the archives, and general writing awesomeness with you, my fellow writers and wonderful readers.

There’s certainly a lot of junk on the internet, but there’s also plenty of juicy, thought-provoking, heart-flutteringly fabulous stuff out there. And the stuff for writers? Like, endlessly good.

So here you go, friends. Some of the coolest stuff I’ve come across lately online. I hope you find something here to stoke your creative embers and ignite your best and biggest writing ambitions.

  • InstaPoem by Bentlily.com. Bentlily is run by Samantha Reynolds, a cool writer chick who decided to write a poem a day for a year in an attempt to be more present in her own life. The concept caught on, and now she’s got a great following. You can even generate your own poem on her site by plugging in a few words mad lib style. I’ve done it a few times—so fun.
  • Sarah Selecky’s Little Bird Writing Contest. This fiction writer blogs & emails daily writing prompts to her follows (I’m one!). This writing contest involves submitting a short story that was born from one of those prompts. Cool, huh? Some good previous prompts include: Write a scene that involves a pink dish towel and the word ‘flustered’ and Write a story that starts in a forest and ends in a teacup. Your wheels are turning already, aren’t they?
  • This list from allfreelancewriting.com: 11 Ways to Turn Your Creative Writing Passion into Freelance Opportunities. Using your skills to be creative and make money? I like that. Don’t let anyone tell you your creative writing skills aren’t profitable.
  • Susannah Conway’s post on How to Make Dreams Come True. I love everything she does, but this post is especially delicious. I appreciate her love of notebooks, and her thoughts for cultivating dreams are super smart

And for good measure, a few of this blog’s hottest posts, in case you missed them:

What’s the coolest writing-related thing you’ve seen online lately?


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