Does Your Resume Rock Your World… Or Totally Suck?

I got into resume writing for a few reasons:

  • I love learning what makes a person tick
  • I love helping people reach their career goals
  • I love showing clients how amazing they are, which, interestingly enough, sometimes isn’t evident to them until after their resume is professionally written

There’s some debate about the importance of resumes today, but in reality, if you’re looking for a job, career advancement, or need a simple way to quickly showcase your best accomplishments (like if you’re a freelancer), you do need a resume.

Ask yourself, “Is my resume rocking my world? Is it pulling its weight in my job hunt? Is it impressing my boss enough to give me the promotion I deserve? Or is it so awfully dull and uninformative that it’s working against me?”

You’ll know the answer pretty quickly. Even if you fall somewhere in the middle and your resume is kind of doing an ok job, it’s still not kicking ass for you.

Your resume absolutely, without a doubt should do one thing no matter what anyone else tells you: it should be kicking ass for you.

It’s more than just a piece of paper that tells a potential employer what you’ve been doing with your time (or not doing with your time) for the duration of your working life. Your resume should be working like crazy for you. It should be pointing to your brightest career achievements, highlighting your sharp capabilities, and downplaying your weaknesses.

All resume are not created equally. A template you find on Google, or a quick review by your mom won’t guarantee success.

I’m telling you this because I see so many people using bad resumes, and I truly want to change that.

I have some room in my schedule this month to take on 4 extra resume clients, and I’m completely jazzed up about a new format I want to offer blog readers & online friends first.

Introducing Resume Jam Sessions

You get:

  • 1 hour-long soul-revealing meeting over coffee or Skype (or both at the same time!) where I’ll ask you the right questions about your work history, dig deeper into your career aspirations, and learn who you are from the inside out
  • A brand new, sparkling resume totally tailored to you
  • Cover letters tailored to your 2 top jobs
  • A fully-comprehensive job search tailored to the type of job you want in the state you desire
  • 1 hour-long coaching session again over coffee, Skype, or both during which we talk about how you can effectively update your resume, how to ace an interview, how to search for jobs in a smart way, and the best way to write cover letters

Does your resume need updating? Are you feeling stuck? Shoot me an email at and ask about booking one of the 4 limited spots before they’re all filled.

If you’d like to forego the coffee & chatting portion of the process, or if you’d like a 2-page resume critique instead, let me know and I’ll set you up with those details!

Yes, the job market sucks. The economy is in the hole. But that does not you can’t advance your career or find a better job. You just need a resume that isn’t ashamed to brag about how awesome you are!


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