Where Writers Write: Kristin Offiler {that’s ME!}

This week’s writer in the  Where Writers Write series is… well, me! I’ve been so excited sharing all the amazing writing spaces of my fellow writers, I forgot to share my own.  And remember– if you want to be featured in the Where Writers Write series, email me at kristinoffilerwrites@gmail.com.

Drinking coffee at my desk. Like a writer, of course!

Hi, my name is Kristin and you probably already know who I am since, well, these are my stompin’ grounds.

It dawned on me that I should probably open up my home office to you guys since I’ve been so readily sharing where a whole slew of other writers do their work. Have you been enjoying the series? I know I have– it’s like stalking other writers without doing anything that’ll end in a mug shot and bail!

Without further ado, I present you with the space in my home designated for work & writing (although the couch gets a fair amount of writing time, as does the back deck when it’s nice out. And Starbucks. Sweet, overpriced Starbucks).

Where the magic happens.

What is your writing space like?

My writing space is bright. It has two big windows that let in a ton of morning and afternoon light, so I’m always scooting my desk chair over to the window to get some sun. My desk, chair, and bookcase are all from Ikea. Everything else is either Christmas Tree Shop, HomeGoods, or Target. We keep it real around here.

Bamboo (um, from Ikea) & lots of visual stimulation.

I have a white board on the wall above my desk, surrounded by 4 cork boards (which had to be secured to the wall with thumb tacks. WHY OH WHY do cork board adhesive strips NEVER stick to walls longer than one week?). I use the white board to track projects, though I tend to neglect updating it because it feels kind of stuffy. I counter that by pinning pictures, letters, cards, and other creativity-inducing things to the cork boards.

My writing space

Do you keep a writing routine?  If so, what is your routine?

Bah. Not exactly. I want to keep a writing routine, so my hope is once I secure a reliable writing partner, I’ll be able to force myself into a morning routine for my fiction writing.

With my freelance writing, my only routine is that I don’t really keep a routine. I’ll do work as it needs to be done, taking breaks to run errands, walk the dog, or grab a coffee. I like this routine flexibility because it means I am less likely to get bored. Part of me craves routine and relishes a fresh, new one (like when you’d start a new school year), but after a while it feels stale to me. Sometimes I work into the night. Sometimes I get things done early. My routine is fluid right now.

Utensils in a jar.

What’s something unique and interesting about your writing space?

On my Target desk lamp, I’ve got my great grandfather’s worry beads that he brought to America from Armenia. I found them in a dresser two years ago when my great uncle died and we were cleaning out his apartment. He lived there his entire life, so it was filled to the brim with everything my great grandparents had owned or brought from Armenia when they fled the genocide. I love these worry beads– somehow nothing I’m dealing with can even come close to feeling as heavy and terrifying as fleeing the Armenian genocide, so these little amber beads give me perspective.

See the worry beads? Strung over the neck of the lamp in the top left part of the shot.

I also share this space with my husband’s photography hobby and my knitting addiction. There are two baskets filled with yarn and a stand that holds two giant photography printers.

Also, my office is built on an ancient burial ground. (Kidding. But that would be a unique feature, right?)

Not just for writing, this room is for pictures and yarn, too. (and music!)

If you could have any writing space in the world, what would it look like and why?

My dream writing space is inside an old farmhouse in a world where New England is perpetually warm and sunny. It would have massive windows that could be thrown open to let in the fresh air, which would smell like lavender and salt water. There’d be a plush chair in the corner for reading, a long desk against a wall for writing, and beautiful old hardwood floors where our dog would nap in puddles of sunshine. There would always be fresh cut flowers in a mason jar on the desk, fresh fruits and veggies in the fridge, and the sound of crickets at night. Outside, my husband would compose award-winning nature photographs, and in the evenings we’d ride our bikes to the beach.

And every year I’d publish a well-received novel, travel a bit to promote it, then come home to my farmhouse writing space and start over again.

A bit of writing inspiration.

Kristin Offiler (moi) is the author of this blog, as well as a freelance copywriter, resume writer, and social media coach. She has an MFA from Lesley University in Fiction and loves good  books, good coffee, good company, and the feeling she gets when she writes something authentic. She’s married to the most level-headed, loyal guy in the world and together they’re raising the goofiest rescue dog there is.


13 thoughts on “Where Writers Write: Kristin Offiler {that’s ME!}”

  1. Love this!!! Especially your dream writing space, it sounds so romantic and wonderful. Isn’t there something so special about sunlight falling on hardwood floors? Natural light is so important to me. Thanks for sharing your space with us. 😉


    1. I am very comfortable in this space 🙂 This room was the last one in the house to get our attention after we moved in August of 2010. It really didn’t look like this until January of this year, and before that, it was really cluttered with lots of junk we didn’t know what to do with. I’m much more comfortable in here now that it’s neat, bright & uncluttered!

      Thanks for reading, Wade 🙂


  2. so adorable Kristin! love the bamboo & mason jars for pens! such a great idea. I am right there with you on the dream workspace idea! massive open windows, yes please. : ) coffee soon, xo Patti


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