Nautical Weekend

Summer in New England is my favorite.

I can’t get enough of salty ocean air, endless blue skies, and the buttery glow that settles in around dusk, when it’s still warm enough– and bright enough– to sit outside past 8pm sipping some ice tea and listening to oldies.

Growing up in the Ocean State, and married to a guy from Cape Cod, it’s no surprise my home and my personal style reflect the rustic nautical cool of New England that I love so much.

Give me sailboats and beach days, cookouts and lazy weekends spent reading in the sun, and I am happy.

This weekend we met our friend Carlye for drinks on Main Street at our favorite coffee shop & bar. She had just finished a 150 mile bike ride to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis (go Carlye!!), and we had some drinks and toasted her accomplishment.

Afterwards, Matt and I strolled downtown East Greenwich a bit, peeking into the closed shops (it was after 7pm on a Sunday), and enjoying the mild summer evening.

Matt snapped a few pictures of my ensemble, which is, as you can see, totally nautical. You don’t grow up by the ocean and let a summer pass you by without wearing some navy and white stripes (I am guilty of owning far too many navy and white striped articles of clothing, actually). And to make this classic trend entirely me, I added a huge orange purse. Perfection.

The deets (in case you’re feeling nautically inspired, too): 

Jacket, American Eagle. Tee, J. Crew (old). Skirt, Target. Purse, Target (old). Shoes, Payless (old). Bracelets, Alex & Ani. Necklace, Tiny Devotions.  Cape Cod Ring, Cape Cod Jewelers.


4 thoughts on “Nautical Weekend”

  1. I just bought a navy and white striped dress at Target! You’re so cute Kristin. You’re making me want to visit New England, that sounds like my kind of storybook summer. It’s foggy here today! 😦


  2. Oh, I miss the ocean so much! Having been born in Peru and raised in Miami, a part of me feels like something’s missing if life is too far from the coast. I know what you mean about sailboats, beach days, and lazy reading in the sun—to me, that’s pure bliss 😉

    I love the outfit, and the huge orange purse! I’m a huge fan of big colorful purses. They make any outfit look extra chic. Congratulations on the new job and new direction, by the way!


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